Welcome to SB Hospitality Solutions (SbHS)

We are a strategic advisory firm that specializes in working with hotels, restaurants and food startups.

Our team's experience is rooted in hospitality and technology. We are powered by a relentless dedication to maximising revenue for every hotelier. With the power of one platform, we are evolving the way people experience hospitality.

why choose us

New business acquisition relies on a good reputation and quality service, especially in the hospitality industry. With over three decades of experience SbHS can help your business grow, retain and create a brand new customer base.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring excellence and innovation to your project. Using best practices and streamlining services for long-term success is our curated methodology.

Our strategy

We know that no single approach or individual quality is the secret to success. At SbHS we combine the winning methods of optimising revenue and profit by enhancing service, products and brand recall. Together with our expertise and experience we mould each business towards long term sustainability and profitability.

How we’ve helped our clients

Profit and Savings

We guide our clients towards a steady approach of profit from savings and vice versa. Creating profit through increased revenue streams and planning savings for future growth is our common sense approach.

Increasing Revenue

Revenue depends on a combination of factors we help you succeed in - the right clientele, maintenance of quality, innovation and adaptation to a changing business climate.

Human Factor

We have understood the importance of hiring the right person for the job. This turns fortunes around and we help you to hire the right employees. They are usually a result of the right training. Keeping your quality standards high and delivering consistent service depends on this crucial human factor.


SbHS creates bespoke solutions for every hospitality business, whether boutique, independent or a large-scale hotel chain. We are a boutique hospitality consultancy-at-large and service our clients globally.

Interior Design

SbHS visualises each space as per the client’s wishes and vision. The expertise we offer always respects the brand’s values.

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Kitchen/Bar Design

SbHS has extensive experience in designing bar and kitchen spaces in varying sizes for all types of concepts.

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Menu Engineering

An optimum mix of dishes, properly costed, printed and priced make an impressive difference to the ultimate success of your outlet.

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Operational Manual

SbHS understands the importance of a quality operational manual to ensure consistency and ongoing quality of service.

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HACCP and Training

SbHS understands the link between operational systems and the human component that runs the systems to deliver a seamless result to the client.

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Concept Creation

The creation of a concept eating and drinking space is the first pillar of any success story. The key to this lies in matching the right location with superbly consistent delivery of service.

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Communications & Marketing

In a world where social media is king and word of mouth is queen, SbHS guides our client in structuring the right message, communicated in the right manner and at the right time so that their brand stands out for the right reasons.

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